Our Story and Ethics

• Clothing for the lovers, the travelers, the seekers of beauty •

Welcome to the world of Tipi 

We like to call our brand unique, in the sense that all items are made in small quantities. We don´t follow the trends, but rather believe in style: finding your own, mixing and matching, wearing a piece you love until it falls apart. Having that look which is genuinely YOURS. We feel like we are a part of the 'slowfashion' movement; mostly because making clothes in India is, well, very slow... But also because we believe in choosing your pieces wisely, in not changing your whole wardrobe every season, and in finding new ways of using your summer dress in winter. 

We are very inspired by the earthy colors of India, the striking nature of the Balearic Islands, the beautiful cities of Europe, and all other parts of the world we stumble upon on our travels. Our clothes are usually also perfect for just that - travelling. We like to keep it feminine, flowy and comfortable, and believe that a kimono can save any outfit!
All our fabrics are carefully selected, and we only work with natural fibers; mainly cotton, gauze and linen. A few of our garments will have a modal blend, but always making sure we source it from a supplier which keeps the environmental impact as low as possible. Most fabrics are hand-dyed, and we put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect hues!
The biggest part of our clothes are produced locally by a family in Goa. Leftover fabrics are kept at a minimum, and the small surplus pieces are used for stitching the bags you get when you purchase an item from us.
So thank you for supporting us, and the people who work with us to make it happen!