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September - Lina Johansson

Lina Johansson is a Swedish photographer, videographer and journalist, and an eternal seeker of the perfect light (which she somehow always manages to find!). She describes herself as innocent, alive and raw, and is equally excited about eating her favorite breakfast in her home in Åre as travelling around the world. She is one of the most talented and wise people I know, and I´m happy to present her as this months muse.

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August - Vienda Maria

Meet the lovely Vienda Maria - a woman´s empowerment mentor I first met in Goa in 2014. She describes herself as an artist at core, a free-spirited, intuitive tender soul who loves to observe human behaviour, has so much to be grateful about, but probably should have kissed more boys (shouldn´t we all?!)

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July - Eva Gaillot / "The French Coconut"

Every month we present a new muse; a woman who inspires other people with her creativity, love of life, and beauty.  First up is the vibrant and ever-smiling ultimate french girl Eva Gaillot, also known as "The French Coconut". She does not only make the most fantastic vegan creations in the kitchen, she is also absolutely charming and full of joie de vivre. Enjoy!

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